2013 Bridal Accessory Trends

2013 bridal accessory trends are now one of the most fun parts of your wedding ensemble!  The elegant and detailed 1920’s wedding dresses and accessories are bringing back some fun!1920's wedding gown

The trends for 2013 reflect a fresh and unique take of the 1920’s era style.  Bridal gowns are presenting with updated looks from that romantic and fun era.   The Great Gatsby look is in, from handkerchief hems to low slung waistline gowns in a chemise style, to dramatic bareback designs accenting the draped, natural waistline shifts that somehow lend a sexy look to every bride.  The details mattered, with pearls, crystals, seeds, ribbon or needlework a large part of the appeal of these types of dresses.

If you choose this type of vintage look, the fun really begins with the accessories – primarily the veil and the headpiece.   So totally different from the traditional looks, these will add flair and fun to your bridal ensemble…you can go as vintage as you like, or opt for just a hint of the Bonnie and Clyde look.

Some 1920’s wedding dresses and bridal gown accessories include:

Veils:  If you like ‘em long, you’re in luck!  The 1920’s bride loved to let the train serve as her nod to tradition even as she rocketed into the modern era with a knee-length dress.  The high and ornate headpiece was not yet in vogue…the more demure and romantic look was the veil itself adorning the hair almost like a cap, with a bit of “bling” on the side or the back.  It was often gathered on both sides and kept in place with a band or “bandeau” made of fabric or beading.

Hats:  Hats were in. The cap-style worn low just above the brow was very popular, often adorned with silk flowers, lace or crystals.   Feathers were also another headpiece accessory brides loved to include, from the headpiece to the bouquet.

Jewelry:  Minimal was the order of the day. With over-the-top bouquets, opulent veils and distinctive headpieces, the jewelry typically consisted of a single pearl or beaded necklace.

Shoes:  Pumps were basically it with white stockings.

The advantages of this style are many, from the obvious gorgeous look, to the ability to cut your costs dramatically.  Same goes for your bridal party…which will be a relief for them!  Vintage gowns are actually still available at a decent price…scour your local vintage or antique shop for those special touches that will make the 1920’s style wedding look your own!