Christmas Holiday Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas Holiday Marriage Proposals

So you have decided to pop the question this holiday season! The twinkling lights, the sense of anticipation, and an environment that is warm and festive combine to create some near-perfect settings for the perfect proposal. There are many romantic and creative ways to ask for her hand in marriage this season…her are some creative Christmas holiday marriage proposal ideas:

  • The Stocking!  Since good things come in small packages, this is often the perfect solution.  Tucked into the toe of her stocking, in a beautifully wrapped box…it gets no better than this.
  • An Advent Calendar or The 12 Days of Christmas can be a simple and fun way to surprise her!  The first 11 days can be small gifts or trinkets, and make the 12th day’s gift that beautiful ring with a simple rose or something similar.
  • Make it a theatre event!  Whether it is a local high school production of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, or a spectacular gala event, ask the Emcee to work it into their announcements!
  • Create a video and upload it to YouTube…it can be of you asking her directly for her hand in marriage, or it can be a collage of photos of your time togehter, complete with a proposal from you at the very end.
  • Arrange to have Santa present her with a gift, either at a swanky department store, in the mall, or at an event.
  • Carolers:  Arrange to have some neighborhood kids come caroling at your door, and at the end have them hand her a tiny gift bag with  the ring box inside.
  • Her (or his)  favorite restaurant can be fun and memorable…often the owners or staff will assist you in setting up the proposal.  You could ask them to slip something inside her menu…an envelope with a card inside “Will You Marry Me?”.
  • Dessert surprise:  Arrange to have your engagement ring sitting on top of her favorite dessert and served to her. (Make sure you trust the staff before you do this one!)
  • Have it displayed on a scoreboard at whatever sporting event is your thing.
  • Horse drawn carriage ride…this is one of the most romantic holiday proposal settings! Arrange to have them take you to a romantic location, or one that means something to both of you. You could even have the driver present her with a small “gift” at your destination.
  • Wrap your little box in a bigger box, then a bigger box, then a bigger box and put it under the tree.