Georgia Wedding Centerpiece

Georgia wedding centerpiece inspirations!Spring or Summer Inspiration

It’s time to unleash your Georgia wedding centerpiece inspiration for spring or summer receptions! Once the color palette is chosen, the bouquet decided, the cake designed and the location proven,  you will need to carefully consider how you would like the reception tables to look. While floral centerpieces are always lovely and never go out of style, if you are looking for something a little different, our wedding guide will help you keep in the spirit of creating a wedding that is uniquely yours. Do you adore the beach? Are you “outdoorsy?” Are you environmentally-conscious? Do you like to create things yourself?

Spring and summer weddings offer the unique opportunity of incorporating the beauty of the world around us into our centerpieces. Whether your wedding is formal or casual, centerpieces can be one of the least expensive, but important, features of your décor. With a little imagination and planning, you can “wow” your guests with really exceptional tabletop showpieces.

Doing your own centerpieces saves you money, but you don’t necessarily have to be crafty and they don’t have to appear cheap or have a “crafty” appearance. Study our list below for ideas on creating your one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your Northwest GA wedding!

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for the formal wedding:

  • Thrift store metal candlesticks spray painted in metallic paint with candles in your wedding colors purchased at a craft store.
  • Large glass vases filled with tulle and battery-operated Christmas lights.
  • Vases filled with water and floating candles.
  • Love poems of verses in pretty 8 x 10 frames and surrounded by tulle or candles.
  • A cake plate, or Lazy Susan, covered with small glass votive candles.
  • Baby’s breath in thin vases of pastel or in a color to match your scheme.
  • Cake stands with artfully carved fruits.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for the casually elegant wedding:

  • Mason jars filled with your favorite flowers.
  • Fresh herbs in small, labeled, spray painted (or not) terra cotta pots.
  • Whole lemons in large vases or bowls.
  • Standing bouquets of straw and wheat.
  • Rocks spray painted in silver gold or white and sprinkled with glitter
  • Flowerpots of pretty moss.
  • Mismatched porcelain teacups and saucers (can be purchased at thrift or antique shops) and filled with flowers or moss.
  • Live fish in pretty glass containers! (Just make sure you have a home for them after).
  • Branches (in a vase), hung with small, labeled packets of flower or hers seeds that guests can take home!
  • Faux bird’s nests (craft stores) filled with faux eggs, birds, or small flowers.

No matter what you decide on, any table can be dressed up even further by scattering greenery, glitter, rocks, or votive candles around the center piece. Your Georgia wedding centerpiece inspiration for spring or summer receptions may include gourmet truffles, cupcakes, and even pretty lollipops! Northwest GA has an abundance of craft stores and flower shops that can help inspire you and supply you with everything you need to create your one-of-a-kind centerpiece!