Q & A With Georgia Wedding Photographer

Jim Nigrelli of Nigrelli Photography

Meet Jim Nigrelli of Nigrelli Photography

At Northwest Georgia Weddings, we want to share the best Georgia wedding information we can find with you! Here’s one of the best: meet Jim Nigrelli of Nigrelli Photography in Northwest Georgia!  With a keen, artistic eye and a commitment to making every single wedding unique and romantic, Jim creates stunning wedding images and memories you will cherish forever. We wanted to find out what has made Nigrelli Photography one of the most respected wedding photography experts in Georgia…
Q. How did you get started in wedding photography?

A. I shot my first wedding while still in high school, at the request of my teacher-mentor. Though that experience was fraught with apprehension, the rest just came naturally when I realized the thrill of creating something beautiful.

Q. How do you recognize and capture such private and intimate moments on camera?

A. The answer to that question is certainly the essence of what wedding photography is all about! Experience, timing, awareness, and rapport with the couple all factor into it. These are all intangibles. It’s not about good equipment, but good instincts. Good wedding photography is an art. Develop a good rapport with your bride and her groom, know what she wants, know when things are about to happen, be prepared, and have a good sense of timing.

Q. How many weddings have you photographed?Nigrelli Wedding Photo Giveaway

A. The Nigrelli’s have photographed somewhere over 800 weddings. Actually, we’ve lost track of the specific number, but over 800 is truthful and accurate.

Q. What is your biggest challenge in getting the photos you want during a ceremony and reception?

A. Again, I maintain that establishing a good rapport with the bride is absolutely essential. But it’s also important to establish that rapport with the principal partners of the day…the wedding official, the parents of the bride & groom, and the wedding party. We meet with the minister or official prior to the day of the wedding so that we know exactly what freedoms they will allow. We attend rehearsals where we have the chance to interact with everyone and develop that rapport and to help them understand the bride’s photographic plans. We really want everyone to know us, respect our professionalism, and have confidence that the photography is not just in good hands, but great hands!

Q. If you could choose 3 words to describe your style, what would they be?

A. I really don’t try to have a “style”. We combine photojournalism with portraiture and artistry, all with an eye toward the unique beautify of each bride and location.But, if adjectives are required…relaxed, professional, focused. tireless, confident, purposeful, friendly and engaged. But that would be way more than three.

Q. What can a couple expect when working with Nigrelli Photography?Georgia Wedding photogrphy by Nigrelli

A. Our motto, “Let Our Eyes Fulfill Your Vision”, is no idle promise. We pledge to understand you and your ceremony, be there to capture those special moments just as you had hoped, then deliver your finished images in a timely, polished format.

Q. How early in the planning process should a bride contact you? 

A. We hope brides will contact us first…even before they’ve locked down their venue…because many brides want to be sure we are available before booking a venue! You should contact your intended photographer early in the process. We can only be in one place on that day. And if you like our work, you’ve got to make sure we are going to be able to be there!

Q. What is your favorite part of the wedding – the part you most enjoy capturing?

A. I really enjoy photographing brides! But that’s a hard choice to make because I like the events of the entire day! No two weddings are alike, and it is my job to capture the essence of each bride and each bride’s day. I relish that. It is the artist, the creator, the inventor, in me that wants to make each wedding beautiful and outstanding.

Q. If you can give couples one word of advice when looking for a wedding photographer, what would it be?

A.Be comfortable with the wedding photographer you choose. It is the chemistry between the photographer and the wedding party that makes your wedding images beautiful and unique. I start early with the bride to develop that rapport through conversations, developing a solid vision for the wedding day…how they met, why they fell in love, their funny stories, and their dreams. All of that must carry through to telling the story of their romance and their love.