NW Georgia Wedding Reception Planning

NW Georgia Wedding Reception PlanningAfter the excitement of your proposal and the acceptance (awesome!) comes the two most significant events: a)the ceremony and b) the reception. NW Georgia wedding reception planning can be as simple or as complex as you like…it’s your day!

No matter what type of reception you’re planning, there are usually some common denominators, as well as unique components to be considered!  Check out our tips for planning a wedding reception to remember:

NW Georgia Wedding Reception Planning Basics:

  • The Venue: The location and setting for your reception sets the tone for your celebration! Too small and it may be crowded and uncomfortable, with your guests perhaps even leaving early. If music and dancing are part of your plans, you’ll need room for that as well, both for the band and the dancers.  If your reception venue is too large your guests may scatter, discouraging conversation and interaction, and your music quality may suffer as well.
  •  The Food: After your guests have prepared for the wedding (some perhaps traveling long distances), arrived early for the ceremony and waited for your photos and entrance at the reception, they’re hungry.  As with any celebration, food is a huge part of what helps people feel comfortable and come together.  The rule here is: provide the best you can afford and make sure there’s lots of it. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive – a good old-fashioned back yard cookout is one of the most popular types of receptions for Northwest Georgia caterers. Whether its BBQ chicken and burgers, or Prime Rib and lobster, the food can keep your guests happy and ready to celebrate.
  • The Seating: Should you use a seating chart?  It helps to know the reasons behind why we use them for wedding receptions in the first place. Why use one? A seating chart takes the pressure off guests who may not know anyone. It lets you seat guests with others they know or are comfortable with, and also may make the dining experience more organized for both guests and servers.
  • The Music: Couple of basic but really important things here! This is a celebration! Planning the music so that it accommodates all ages is crucial to making sure everyone has a good time. Make it fun with music you love, but also think about your middle-aged guests, Granny and any special guests you may want to acknowledge.  Mix it up! Your wedding DJ or band can help you with this.  Macarena or Electric Slide, anyone?
The Details: The devil is in the details when it comes to NW Georgia wedding reception ideas …here are a few more things to think about:
  • Favors: Will you provide them? What type? Cost?
  • The Toast: Who will make them and when
  • Children: Yes or No?
  • Reception timeline: What happens when?

You may want to consider talking to a skilled wedding consultant to help you.  The most important rule? Relax and have fun!