Northwest Georgia Wedding Reception Music

DJ's provide Northwest Georgia wedding reception music!The Northwest Georgia wedding reception music you choose to fill the atmosphere with is going to set the tone of your reception; therefore, deciding whether to hire a disc jockey to keep the party tunes rolling at your Northwest Georgia wedding, or a band or orchestra for the live performance is completely up to you. The music at your reception should reflect you as a couple, but also incorporate some party music everybody is familiar with. Do you listen to country…oldies…rock? That is wonderful, but don’t forget a little Elvis….or The Village People!

A live band is great at fueling the crowd; getting them dancing and involved, along with creating a classy atmosphere. Many times the band leader serves as the Master of Ceremonies, announcing events and offering a very personal touch to the “first dance” or the “Father and daughter dance.” They can be surprising as well, with a horn or guitar solo that can entertain the crowd. However, bands tend to be costlier than a DJ and the catalog of music, smaller.

Hiring a DJ is the right decision if you have a bunch of songs you know you want to hear. Many times, couples refrain from hiring DJ’s because they assume disco and strobe lights come with the territory. However, DJ-ing has become an art form, where they tend to play popular music and music they know will appeal to the crowd. Also, if you tell them to, they will leave the disco and flashing lights at home! Be sure the DJ you hire has an excellent stage personality, who will encourage the crowd and take the bull by the horn when it comes to announcing the wedding events.

However you decide to furnish the “tuneage,” be sure to check out our listings of bands and disc jockeys in Northwest GA. Also, for tips and inspiration, read our helpful article, “Choosing Music for Your Wedding Ceremony!”