So, You’re Getting Married!

Congrats! You’re going to tie the knot!

Like most brides, as you are starting to plan your wedding in GA, you have probably already daydreamed about your big day and have at least a general idea of how you want it to go down. From the perfect wedding dress to the cake to the guests and flowers, You're getting married!whether you want a big or a smallish wedding, Northwest GA is full of beautiful and inspiring places and ideas.

We probably don’t have to tell you that everyone you hold near and dear is going to have their own ideas on how to make your day the best. If you haven’t told anyone yet, maybe it would be best to hold out a little while until you and your future hubby decide what you would like….yourselves. These decisions should be:

  • your budget (if you will be paying yourselves)
  • size (this is a big one)
  • style (country, elegant, indoor, outdoor, etc.)
  • and date – gotta work for both of you!

These decisions should involve as few people as possible, otherwise you will have Aunt Betty telling your mother you can’t have it on June 3rd because she is having her bunions removed. Yes, this will happen! So, sit down and talk intimately with your husband-to-be about what you both want.

Throughout the wedding planning process, never lose sight of what it’s all really about: spending the rest of your life with the one that you love. Your wedding ceremony is just the day it all becomes official, so don’t lose your head believing everything has to be entirely perfect. You are going to run into problems along the way, so when that happens, just step back, breathe, and remember that there is always a solution and that everything will be fine. Enjoy this time and make your wedding day special by being yourselves, and allow your wedding style to reflect you. Congratulations!

As you start to plan your wedding in GA, browse  for information, inspiration, and some real help finding the right Northwest GA vendors, wedding venues, catering companies, and skilled wedding planners!