Top 10 Avoidable Wedding Blunders

Top 10 Wedding Blunders

Avoid These Top 10 Wedding Blunders!

So you’ve got the ring and maybe even set the date! You and your family and friends are excited as the wedding planning begins: the dress, the cake, the flowers. Some wedding couples choose the laid back approach, where they make the arrangements and then whatever will be, will be. Other couples (and not always just the bride), opt to be so involved that the forgotten figs for the salad are enough to cause hyperventilation. While a mistake such as this is minute, read on about avoiding the larger Northwest Georgia wedding mistakes that can really impact your day….and your memories. They will really make the forgotten figs seem insignificant!

Top 10 Avoidable Wedding Blunders

1. Forgetting the Real Significance of Your Special Day:  You are promising the rest of your life to the one you love on your wedding day. Spend your time on the things you really want to cherish in your memory for years to come, such as your vows, music, and other special rituals. People don’t come to weddings for the food, nor will they remember your flowers. They will, however, remember that you were upset because everything wasn’t perfect. Keep your wedding planning in perspective, and let the day be about celebrating the first day of the rest of your life!

2. Not Putting “You” Into Your Wedding:  While it’s wonderful to research the dress of your dreams, the fanciest cake, and the most vibrant flowers, don’t forget to let YOU shine through (both of you). You don’t necessarily need a theme, but writing your own meaningful vows and planning the wedding with your lives in mind will make it that much more special.

3. Stick To Your Budget:  A budget is created for a reason; so that you don’t get into trouble you can’t get out of! And while a wedding is a memorable day, it is not supposed to ruin you financially. You may love the $1,000 dress, but that may be out of your budget. Guess what? You will find a dress you love for $500! If you don’t need a limousine…don’t rent one. There are plenty of classy, affordable options for making your wedding beautiful. Remember what the day is all about!

4. Assume It Might Rain:  Even if it the driest summer you have ever lived through, plan for the chance of rain! Guests don’t mind, and even find it humorous, to be huddled together underneath a tent as long as they can dance and mingle while remaining dry. If you have opted for an outdoor wedding, rent a tent if there is not a pavilion and inquire about extra space provided indoors should it rain.

5. Not Having a Bride’s Emergency Kit:  Something unexpected and uninvited will happen on your wedding day…that is a fact. A hook might break off of your dress or your perfect manicure will chip. But you can prepare for any malfunction by packing an emergency kit in advance. In this kit should be a small sewing kit; nail polish, clippers, and file; a back-up pair of shoes (just something you could get by with should you break a heel or a strap); pain reliever; spot remover (in event you get a spot on your dress); floss or toothpicks; Bandaids; extra panty hose; safety pins; bobby pins; and extra makeup.

6. Not Delegating Responsibilities:  You cannot be expected to take care of everything yourself for your big day, nor should you want to. You will have plenty of tasks including directing the caterers, DJ, photographer, florist, etc., so any errands or phone calls that you can delegate to someone else…do it! More than likely, your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids are people close to you and will feel honored for your requests for help.

7. Not Involving the Groom:  There are at least a couple of reasons to include the groom. First, creating a day you will remember forever should include input from both halves so that your wedding reflects you as a couple. Second, while he may not care about a color scheme, he might be very interested in helping to choose the DJ. Running everything by him and giving him the opportunity to be interested will make him feel involved and prevent any resentment on his or your part! Check out The Groom’s Corner for ways to involve your groom in the wedding plans

8. Forgetting That You Are Also a Host:  While it is your special day, and perhaps hundreds of your closest family and friends have gathered to watch you say “I do,” it is still your responsibility to make sure your guests are taken care of. Maybe not on the big day, but preparations should be made before the wedding to ensure your guests will have plenty of beverages, shade, shelter, fans, music, etc. while you are making your rounds or taking pictures. You don’t want your guests leaving early because they got stuck in the rain!

9. Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments and Crash Diets:  Although the theory of having all of your dead skin cells removed the day before your big day sounds perfect, this may be a risk you don’t want to take! Unless you get facials religiously, don’t do anything you are not used to; otherwise, you might be left with breakouts, redness, irritation, or an allergic reaction. Planning a facial or other beauty treatment a week before may be fine. Are crash diets ever a good idea? Probably not. When are they definitely not a good idea? When you are planning your wedding. Not only do they have the ability to damage your regularity (something we definitely don’t want), they can also cause you to fluctuate so badly that you may find yourself swimming in your wedding dress on your big day. Better idea: Follow a healthy, low-fat diet during the entire planning process in addition to exercising and getting lots of sleep to ensure wedding day radiance!

10. Neglecting the Legalities:  This one is a biggie! The fact that you remembered to schedule the caterer and DJ doesn’t even matter if you have forgotten to apply for the marriage license. Click on the following link to learn about Georgia’s marriage license requirements!

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