Douglasville Weddings

St. Andrews Golf is one location for beautiful Dogulasville weddings.Douglasville, GA:  Located just twenty minutes from downtown Atlanta, this bustling city has everything you could want to make your wedding day perfect! Upscale restaurants, convention centers, and estates are plentiful in Douglasville, along with a large assortment of bakeries, flower shops, and bridal shops. Dozens of large hotels to accommodate your guests means one less thing you have to fret about!

Whether you were born and raised close to this busy little city, or it is just a common ground for the soon-to-be newlyweds, Douglasville, GA has plenty of parks and country clubs, restaurants and convention and banquet centers ready and more than willing to host your big day! As soon as the wedding planning begins, with or without the assistance of a wedding planner, be sure to check out Northwest GA Weddings articles for tips on planning, budget, music, trends, and blunders!