Wondrous Winter Weddings in Georgia

Why does the popularity of winter weddings continues to grow in North West Georgia?

Winter weddings in Georgia

As you begin imagining your wedding day, you may consider a balmy breeze, singing birds, the gentle rustle of the wind through the trees as you gaze across a lush green expanse. OR…you may take a step outside the norm, and opt for a crisp and cool day, with brilliant sunshine making every color in nature – and your bridal party – stand out in stark relief. You may even experience a gently falling snow blanketing your world in the purest white of nature.

Winter weddings in Georgia offer a whole different set of opportunities for a bride and groom to create an unforgettable wedding and reception.  “Shoulder season” weddings are budget-friendly, guest-friendly, and your reception venue, DJ, caterer and guest accommodations will love you, and customer service becomes a whole different animal.

Here are a few reasons to consider a winter wedding in Georgia:

  • Your preferred church, wedding officiant, wedding and reception venue, hotels, inns and other accommodations may be available for many more dates and times that work for you.  Because winter weddings are less popular, the cost can be considerably less. Not only can you “score’ with the venue and guest accommodations, but may have a much larger choice of DJ’s, caterers, wedding transportation specialists and more.
  • Fall and winter weddings offer a unique opportunity to piggyback on the beauty of the seasonal decor!  From Halloween and Thanksgiving, to the elegant and festive decor of the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa  and New Year holidays, the palette of the season becomes your personal backdrop.
  • Winter weddings allow for a whole different style of wedding attire!  Fur (faux or real), hats, mittens and boots all provide a sense of fun and energy and elegant whimsy.
  • Planning to travel during the “shoulder” seasons means less crowds, less money, and possibly a longer honeymoon getaway!
  • If you want a wedding that includes out-of-town family and friends, it may be easier for them to attend when off-season rates make it more affordable for them to attend.  Not to mention the fact that the off season is just that…a time when people are less likely to be vacationing, traveling or attending other weddings!
  • Celebrate with sparkle!  A look that doesn’t really fit anywhere else is absolutely magical here…crystal, pearls, sparkles and twinkles of every kind not only fit her, but – well, shine!

Be sure to attend some Georgia bridal shows and browse for great attire, vendors, accessories and more!